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Weekly Articles 2/11 – 2/17

I’m going to start a weekly post linking to some interesting articles I’ve read throughout the week. I will most likely send it out Saturday or Sunday. The articles will be anything from general news to company or industry specific stuff. Well see how useful/tedious this becomes. Sorry I’m too lazy to write descriptions for each link.

Peak Quality?

Can More Information Lead to Better Investment Decisions

Can More Information Lead to Worse Investment Decisions?

Three Manufactured Housing REITs for a Booming Industry

Estre Ambiental (ESTR) Writeup

One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure (ESTR/ESTRW)

Amazon Prime and other Subscription Businesses: How do you Value a Subscriber

Art Dealers: The Other Vincent van Gogh

Click to access Art%20Dealers%20-%20The%20Other%20Vincent%20van%20Gogh%20June%202010.pdf

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