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Adam Wilk is the Founder and Portfolio Manager of Greystone Capital Management, LLC.

Adam began his career in professional sports, working for various NBA teams including the San Antonio Spurs and Houston Rockets as a basketball analyst, scout and operations coordinator. It was there he gained exposure to various levels of organizational development as well as talent evaluation, contract negotiation, risk management and data analysis. Most importantly, the founding principles of Greystone Capital were formed during that time and include patience, curiosity, the constant pursuit of incremental improvement and a focus on ‘pounding the rock’.

Adam’s introduction to value investing took place in 2013 where he translated his talent evaluation skills and analytical ability into evaluating real estate and then businesses which led to discovering finance, most notably through the writings of Warren Buffett. After being ‘bitten by the bug’, Adam was led down a path that ended in a career pivot, and the start of managing friends and family money for a number of years via separately managed accounts.

Adam’s passion for investing can be seen in the various publicly available research reports and writeups located on numerous investment platforms as well as his blog, Pound the Rock Investing. The inception of Greystone Capital Management followed outside inquiries from multiple investors interested in allocating capital to the firm’s small and microcap strategy. Adam graduated from High Point University with a degree in Sports Management and today serves as the sole Portfolio Manager for Greystone’s concentrated, small/micro-cap long-only strategy.

Adam lives in West Chester, Pennsylvania with his wife, daughter and Australian shepherd.


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